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Why won't mom give me power of attorney?

I am feeling very guilty, In August Mom had a heart attack,in September she had a stroke and October she had pneumonia. The guilt is that I want to do what I can but I am facing an uphill battle. Mom's stroke left her with aphasia. She will not give me power of attorney to deal with her affairs, but yet she gets on the phone several times a week and tries to talk only to just hang up. I feel guilty because I have to pretend I am her when getting her finances in order. Reality is, with her short term memory loss I don't feel she will be back to herself at all, or it will take an awful long time. So meantime I have to deal with stuff pretending I am her. I don't really know why she won't give me power of attorney, all she does is yell NO and shakes her head no, yet she sees what I have to go through to take care of her stuff. I am bewildered and just don't understand.
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Aug 10, 2015 - 02:56 PM

It might be a good idea to talk directly with her doctor. If her short term memory loss is noted he/she may have some suggestions for your state required paperwork in order for you to assist your mother with her affairs. Better yet, the doctor may know an attorney who can also help facilitate the process. Your mother is very lucky to have you!
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