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How do I cope with paranoid schizophrenia?

My mom was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia several years ago. It worsens with each year because we can't get her to take her meds or to even stay under a doctor's care. She has attempted to take her own life with pills (about 12 years ago) She trusts no one near her. No one can come into her home. She thinks everyone is out to harm her. She often stops speaking to the family because she thinks we don't understand. She makes several calls to the police to report unfounded activities in her home. We get calls all the time from police officers and neighbors about her outbursts. Doctors say we can't place in her in a mental care facility because she in not a danger to anyone or herself. We have absolute no idea what to do with Mom.We have moved her several time - from one 55+ facility to another and each move she gets worse. She does want to stay where she is yet when we move her she distrust the new faces around her.
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Aug 14, 2015 - 02:58 PM

A change in routine or enviornment is difficult for anyone, compound that with a mental illness of some sort or dementa, the adjustment phases seems to never really resolve itself. Your mom is very lucky to have you on her side for sure. It sounds like you continue to try and be her advocate and in doing so are doing all you can aside from a hospitalization. When working with families I encourage families such as yours to continue to be proactive, perhaps a call to Adult Protective Services would be warranted. They may be able to go in and assess her well-being (both mental and physical) and make some recommendations (that takes a family member out of the mix). If she refuses to open the door for them (which is common in times like this) continue to advocate for her need for assistance and contact APS at each incident adivising them of what is going on. This will help, if nothing else, create a paper trail to show you were trying, police were involved, have concerned neighbors also try and reach out to Adult Protective Services (sometimes more than one person calling helps sound the horn too).
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