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Mom isn't feeding her cats, should I get rid of them?

I don't want to be mean because I know she loves them, she just forgets and she is deaf so doesn't hear them begging for food. I'm too far away to come over every day and feed them.
Status: Open    Apr 23, 2015 - 01:13 PM


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Apr 25, 2015 - 03:29 PM

There are self feeder bowls or bins for both dry and wet food.
You fill the bin with food and as the cats eat the food slowly flows into the bowl.
There should be enough food for at least a week.

I am wondering if your mom is forgetting to feed the cats is she forgetting to feed herself.
It might be worth a call to an orginization like Meals on Wheels to have someone stop by to be sure she is eating. If there is no Meals on Wheels there may be a senior volunteer group that could check on her to be sure that she is eating.

Apr 29, 2015 - 08:15 AM

Make sure Mom understands that when she is hungry so are her kitties...snack time for me? Snack time for my cats! Portion control for me? Portion control for my kitties.

Source: My husband loves this routine

Sep 08, 2015 - 01:27 PM

There is an article on the A Place for Mom blog that discusses what to do if a loved one is having a difficult time caring for their pet: Helping Senior Parents Care for their Pets.


Nov 22, 2015 - 08:17 AM

How many cats does Mom have? If Mom is otherwise taking care of the cats, cleaning up properly, then the feeder and watering stations are appropriate. You may need to follow up with medical care by taking them for a veterinarian visit or finding one that will come to your Mom's. Be on the alert if your Mom is showing signs of not being able to keep up with the cats, please research local rescue organizations that can help you place the cats in good home. Please do not turn them loose to fend for themselves as they will not be able to. Additionally most states have animal abandonment laws which can result in fines or worse. Additionally turning them over to the local municipal / county shelter is usually a death sentence as they can not handle the vast amounts of animals turned in or found as strays. When you turn in an animal to one of these places there is language that allows for "euthanasia" of the pet which may be immediate - no matter what they say at the front desk. Even if the pets are put up for adoption, older pets are harder to get adopted and space needs rule in these underfunded shelters. Please act responsibly towards these well loved companions of your Mom.

Nov 22, 2015 - 12:24 PM

Animals are very imiportant in our lives as noted by the countless articles and research about the human-animal bond. I can appreciate your concern about feeding them as obviously their own basic needs should not be forgotten about. From your post, it appears that your mother is living alone, so I echo a previous response about what other routines is she forgetting about...and of course, her needs are primary.

There could be many options for the feeding of the cats, beginning with the self feeders and self watering containers as already mentioned. If they are indoor only cats, who is cleaning their litter box, as that is a key duty for cat owners as well. Perhaps a pet-loving neighbor could assist you for the time-being or there are no doubt independent small business people that offer this type of home pet care for reasonable fees. Google this. Ask for help through the local area agency for aging, a veterinarian, or humane society/rescue organization.

My hunch is that this is an excellent warning sign of other issues that may be impacting your mother's health as she ages. Without further information, I would be only guessing. But I certainly wish you well in your journey with your mother's senior years. So many of us on this blog and other sites have been and/or continue to journey down various paths of aging with our own parents, relatives, and those without someone to care for them.


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