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Father in long term care with dementia, good idea to take him home periodically?

My father is in long term care with dementia, would it be a good idea to take him to his house a few times a week? My mother passed way a month ago and they live there together for 50 years.
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Mar 25, 2015 - 07:29 AM

As you may be aware people with dementia don't all struggle with the same aspects of their disease. There are different kinds of dementia and different stages. Depending on what kind of dementia he has and the stage with associated behavioral symptoms usually determines their best environment and care needs.

When one with Alzheimer's Disease for instance loses a spouse of 50 years, and is removed from their home, this can be very traumatic and cause increased confusion and extreme agitation. If this is the case I would not recommend taking him to their home this early in the loss. It could cause more anxiety and unpredictable behaviors. It could also mean once he is adjusted in his new caring environment he will recognize it as home and not even remember his previous home or even want to leave his new home.

My best answer is to discuss this question with your Dad's doctor and or regular nurse, who I am assuming are skilled in Dementia patients. They should be able to guide you better and more specifically based on how your Dad is responding to his current life stage and loss.

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