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Are there guidelines for choosing what type of senior care is best?

Are there guidelines as to which facility would be best for my dad? Senior living or assisted living? My dad lives alone now but his memory is getting worse at an alarming rate. He doesn't remember to take his medications, or pay his bills. What level of care should we look at for him? Would senior living be enough (if we were able to get a nurse to come administer meds) or should we look at assisted living?
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Mar 06, 2015 - 03:53 PM

From the few points you have listed, I recommend two courses of action:

1. Get your dad to his primary care physician (PCP) as soon as possible and ask the exact question you have posted here. The physician should have at least some recommendation as to the level of care your father requires.

2. Assisted living is the first choice I would recommend you inquire about. Generally, it will fulfiill the assistance for the activities of daily living that are becoming more difficult: medication management, meals, activities, transporataion, oversight, emergency response, etc.

When you inquire into assisted living, the counselor should ask you for more detail about your father. Anyone 55+ can live in assisted living whether or not they receive personal care, especially if they would like to take advantage of the amenities. However, that counselor may recommend a more independent enviornment like Senior Independent Living with home health assistance. Ultimately, your dad and your family should make the final informed decision about the best solution.

Here is a chart of the various stages of senior living:

As you can see, assisted living falls right between a "want" and "need" driven choice and is appropriate for a wide range of situations.


APFM Staff Answers

Sep 02, 2015 - 01:25 PM

We have a resource article that explains the different types of senior care; the article is called Senior Housing 101: Senior Care Types Explained.

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