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What steps should my daughter follow immediately after I die?

Status: Open    Feb 24, 2015 - 12:37 PM

End of Life

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Apr 06, 2016 - 11:24 AM

Whether your death is sudden or expected, your daughter will be dealing with a lot of emotion in the period right after your passing. Unfortunately, this is a time when family will need to make immediate and critical decisions. There is essential information that she will need in order to make final arrangements in the days and weeks immediately following your death. The more information you can organize now, the easier it will be for her in the future.
Making a list of your documents and their locations, providing her with a clear understanding of your wishes and intentions, and making decisions well in advance will provide peace of mind for you and for your daughter.

Planning ahead and providing clear instructions now will help your daughter in the days following your death.

Some immediate steps you can help her with now include:
•Provide copies of or the location of your legal documents and cemetery deed
•Provide contact information of your attorney and financial advisor
•Make a list of people to notify and their contact information
•Decide if you wish to have an autopsy
•Tell her if you are an organ donor
•Decide if you want to to cremated or buried
•Decide if you want a funeral or a memorial service and provide any details of your wishes
•Your biographical data will help with writing an obituary
•List of passwords and usernames
• List of combinations and location of keys to safes
•If you have pets, what do you want to happen to them

These suggestions will get you started in assembling important personal information that will be helpful to your daughter in the future. The gift of information is the greatest gift one can give and receive when it matters most. Please see my Q&A profile page for contact information and resources.


Feb 28, 2015 - 04:45 PM

Have you talked to her about your wishes?
Do you have all your papers where she can get them?
Do you have arrangements with a Funeral Home?
From your question I am guessing you plan on being at home when you die. Are you on Hospice? If so they can help a lot with these questions and can help make arrangements.
If you are not on Hospice her first call should be to 911 if you are on Hospice her call should be to Hospice if they do not have someone with you when you die. they do try to arrange to have someone with you when you die for you and for support for your family.

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