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Is the nurse the only person who can write an order on the medical assist record?

Administrator is not a nurse and has no health care experience. Residents assistant has no license.

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Senior Health & Nutrition, Senior Living Communities

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Feb 04, 2015 - 02:24 PM

I was not sure what type of facility you were referring to, regarding this question. The regulations vary widely depending whether it is an assisted living facility or a skilled nursing facility. I am guessing that you are referring to an assisted living facility. Regulations can vary from state to state, so your most accurate information could be obtained from that facility’s State Department of Health Services.

I just checked the website of my State’s Department of Health Services. Some of the factors related to your question are manager qualifications, caregiver qualifications and the type and amount of assistance required by the resident.

The manager must be certified as an assisted living facility manager. The caregiver must have completed a caregiver training program approved by the state DHS.

The manager is responsible to prepare a service plan for the resident. (I am surmising that this is equivalent to what you are calling the medical assist record.) The manager is required to review and update the service plan on a regular basis depending upon the amount of assistance required by the resident.

If the resident requires intermittent nursing services, medication administration and/or behavioral services the service plan must be reviewed by the appropriate nurse, medical practitioner, or behavioral health professional.

Assisted living facilities are restricted on the type of resident they are allowed to admit. The resident must be able to ambulate and direct their own self-care. Exceptions can be made if the resident’s condition is temporary. Some facilities are qualified to provide more than one level of care.

I hope that this response helps to answer your question. If your question involves a different type of facility, I will be happy to address that facility. I do encourage you to consult with your state’s Department of Health Services for further clarification. They would be able to answer questions about regulations regarding all levels of care facilities in your state.


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