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Can my mom bring her own furniture when she moves in to assisted living?

Status: Open    Dec 21, 2014 - 06:26 PM

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Jan 03, 2015 - 10:51 AM

I recommend your mom bringing her own furniture and I always recommend that residets at The Fremont bring their own. Most assisted living communities do not provide furniture unless it is requested, and many will remove furniture in favor of a resident bringing their own. Our preference for residents to bring their own revolves around identity and space. Often, the transition to assisted living can be felt as a loss of identity, especially if the move is from a long-time home. Having your own "things"; furniture, pictures, art, clothes, linen, bath products, etc., goes a very long way to maintaining a resident's identity and ownership of their personal space. Many residents are very proud of what they bring because of the sentimental value. Even with memory care, residents' home furniture can go a long way to identifying which room is their own.

Keep an eye on the quality of the furniture you bring. If your mom has been incontinent, it may be best not to bring a mattress or chair. Sometimes, families bring new or auxilliary furniture (like furniture from a guest bedroom at home) and every family is recommended to protect furniture using waterproof mattress pads, etc. in the event a resident is incontinent (or may become incontinent.)

For a final answer, you must check with the community you intend to move your mother to. They will most certainly have a policy regarding furniture. That policy is very important, as it may include some items that are disallowed based on state law. They may require certain items to be treated (like curtains, which in many states must be fire retardant or fire-proof). Many communities also provide residents with trash cans because of state requirements regarding UL fire ratings and will allow only certain power extension options. If your mother is in a shared space, there may be a size restriction on bulky furniture. The assisted living will also communicate with you whether your mom should include special or adaptive furniture like a hospital bed or electric reclining chair.

Source: The Fremont Senior Living


Dec 30, 2014 - 04:41 PM

Yes! The assisted living place my Mom is moving into has empty rooms. They even said she could sleep on her couch instead of a bed. She decided on bringing bed - but it was nice to have the option. One thing to be aware of - if you are using a hospital bed or bed with a rail, you may need doctor's note allowing this. My Mom was falling onto floor in her sleep and we were looking into this possibility. The assisted living place said that they would require note from doctor if there are any rails on bed preventing her from getting out of bed on her own.
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