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Is there any group that I can find just for talking and sharing problems with your husband who has dementia?

My husband has been diagnosed with dementia and I have no one to share the problems and actions that most people just do not understand. I would like to have someone to share and get feedback on personal problems that occur. Your children do not understand nor do most of family members who just think he is being difficult. Is there any group open to just being able to share ideas and problems.
Status: Open    Oct 27, 2014 - 03:43 AM

Dementia, Caregiving

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Oct 27, 2014 - 08:44 AM

I am glad you asked this question. It is important for all primary caregivers to have some means of caregiver support. Often this is provided effectively through community support groups where caregivers can gather regularly and hear from others who are in their similar life stage such as caring for a family member who has dementia. A sharing of ideas, resources, empathy, and many other commonalities are usually found in these groups.

To access a caregivers support group that may be a fit for you in your community check with local sources who usually host such caregiver support groups or are at least aware of some. Places such as local churches who serve the community senior population, local hospitals who have community outreach and education, local senior facilities such as rehab centers, assisted living centers, or senior day centers and your local/county governmental agency serving seniors such as Agency on Aging. Another source who can sometimes advise of support groups in your area are national organizations on Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia (an example: the Alzheimer's Association). These can be identified online and often have state and local chapters with a listing of caregiver support groups in any given area with names and phone numbers available.


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