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How can we get financial assistance to modify our home for my mom?

My mom is 71 years old and has been a quadraplegic for 40+ years. We live in a two story house and need to modify the downstairs for her to live with us or we need to build an ADA compliant guest house in our yard. We are trying to find out if there are financial programs to assist with this cost. Thank you
Status: Open    Oct 08, 2014 - 02:24 PM


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Oct 07, 2015 - 09:44 AM

Have you considered a reverse mortgage? It's probably the most misunderstood financial product, and there are many misconceptions about it. But it's FHA-regulated and FHA-insured, which is a big safety net. If your mom owns the home, she would be able to tap some of the equity to pay for the modifications. She would keep ownership of the home (the two biggest misconceptions are that you have to sign the home over to the bank, or that the bank gets the home when she passes on; both not true). The money is tax-free, and does not affect benefits such as Social Security and Medicare. Her responsibilities would be to keep the property taxes and homeowner's insurance paid.


APFM Staff Answers

Oct 10, 2014 - 11:13 AM

I know of a couple of agencies that could at least provide you with a starting point. Scioto helps people with disabilities and housing, their website is The federal disability website has a list of resources for people of all ages and their site is You might also want to contact the Area Agency on Aging, the nationwide number is 800-677-1116, explain your situation and they will direct you to resources and people who are in your local area. They have two websites, the main one is and the other is
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