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How do you convince someone to stick with a restrictive diet for health reasons?

Mom was just diagnosed with kidney disease and now has a very strict list of what she is allowed to eat. How do I convince her to stick with this diet?
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Sep 04, 2015 - 01:47 PM

Kidney disease can be very complicated. We depend upon our kidneys to excrete a major amount of our body wastes. When our kidneys are not functioning properly, our entire body can be affected. To control these effects and minimize the damage to the body systems, a strict diet is required.

Because kidney disease is so complicated, an informational program is recommended to help you and your mother understand the need for diet restrictions and other precautions. It also includes complications, especially if one does not follow their diet. These programs should include input from a dietitian or nutritionist to explain the dietary restrictions and provide suggestions to help make them more palatable.

I suggest that you ask your mother’s physician about one of these programs. It would probably help your mother to have you or another family member join her in the program.

The more she understands about kidney disease, the easier it will be for her to understand why she has to put up with the diet and fluid restrictions.

Other resources for information are the National Kidney Foundation website at and the American Kidney Foundation at,

Good luck to your mother and you. Your mother is fortunate to have you for support to deal with this complicated condition.

APFM Staff Answers

Sep 03, 2015 - 10:52 AM

I'm not a kidney specialist or a dietician but we do have many articles on our blog that discuss nutrition, there is one in particular, The Connection Between Diet and Kidney Damage, which discusses the importance of diet and also has suggestions on dietary modifications for kidney disease.


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