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Why does dad not want to shower?

Asked 22 days ago 2 answers

Topic: Caregiving

How do I cope with my aging parents?

Asked 1 month ago 1 answer

Topic: Caregiving

Should you tell someone they have Alzheimer's?

Asked 8 months ago 2 answers

Topic: Dementia

How can I get dad to wear depends?

Asked 25 days ago 2 answers

Topic: Caregiving

What is a good gift for someone in memory care?

Asked 1 month ago 3 answers

Topic: Other

How does live in care work?

Asked 11 days ago 2 answers

Topic: Caregiving , Finance

Can someone forget how to swallow?

Asked 5 days ago 0 answers

Topic: Senior Health

Why won't dad talk to us?

Asked 8 months ago 1 answer

Topic: Dementia , Family Relationships

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