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Nanci Mellar

Senior Living Advisor, Serving: Detroit, MI
Nanci has helped over 3,000 families since 2013
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Nanci Mellar

About Nanci

Nanci began her career as an Administrative Assistant and continued to take on more responsibility until she became an Executive Assistant in the automotive industry. During those years, Nanci worked with seniors applying for their pensions and assisted them with their health care needs. When she left that industry, it was an easy transition to move into the senior care environment. She loves being able to assist families in the search for senior care. It’s a puzzle that – when all the pieces are finally together, is a wonderful fit. There are so many options and opportunities that she gets to inform the family of and a joy when she knows that she's made their search so much easier.

What I'm passionate about:

Excellent Foods:

Basic salad. You take the basics, add a bit of meat, cheese, different vege’s, croutons, you name it, the basic is changed to something wonderful and dramatic. Steak? Chicken? Eggs? Fruit? Yep, it all goes!

Inspiring Quotes:

"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got. Think about it!" -Anthony Robbins

A Note From Nanci

"I have been a professional woman all my life – juggling my career with a husband who was a police officer, children, and extended family. I had to leave APFM about 18 months ago and have been waiting for this opportunity to return to what I’ve come to love – family advisement. It is amazing to share your knowledge with others who are in need and actually make a difference in their lives. As much as my families needed me, I find that I NEEDED them. This job is truly a 'labor of love.'"

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  • "The 36-Hour Day" by Nancy Mace

Reviews and Testimonials

"Nancy Mellar could not have been more kind, understanding and helpful. She recommended a great place for my mom with what was such a heart breaking decision."

- Anastasia B.

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