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20008 Assisted Living Facilities

We've found more than 2 senior assisted living facilities in the zip code 20008. Assess your senior care needs with a caring advisor, we've helped more than 45 families in the 20008 area find senior care to match their unique needs and budget. Get pricing info and insider information on assisted living facilities in the 20008 zip code. Contact a local Senior Living Advisor today!

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20008 has at least 2 Assisted Living Facilities that meet your criteria () within 2 miles.

The Methodist Home of DC
The Methodist Home of DC
Washington, DC 20008
out of 1 reviews

Five-Star Rated The Methodist Home of DC offers a full continuum of care and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for persons in need of independent, assisted or nursing care services. The Methodist Home has been the number one choice for many since we opened our doors in 1889,...

1.4 miles from 20008

Provides: Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Memory Care

Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue
Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20008
out of 3 reviews

Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue is located in the heart of Washington D.C. and opened in late 2003.  Our community offers not only a convenient location within the District, but also a variety of services and amenities.  Nearby attractions include major shopping malls, golf courses, country...

1.7 miles from 20008

Provides: Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Memory Care

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